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Welcome to Veri-fy

Veri-fy® is the low cost solution to face to face identification verification...

Veri-fy® offers users:

  • Face to face verification at wide choice of identity checkers
  • Low cost
  • Online tracking and audit trails
  • All processed online
  • Can be configured to require a photograph of the applicant
  • No membership fees
  • Charges only when the identity of a user's client has been confirmed
  • Images of documents can be included
  • A recognised risk management tool offering peace of mind in knowing all as been done to prevent identity theft and fraud
  • An essential component in money laundering checks
  • The choice of identity checkers is determined by the authorised user
  • The process is time managed

How does Veri-fy® work?


An overview of the process

An Authorised User directs an applicant to a link to Veri-fy On-line. The applicant completes the form online then prints the form.

The applicant/client takes the form, together with photo ID and any documents to be verified/witnessed, to the identity checker of their choice

The identity checker will check the photo ID, compare the likeness and complete the Veri-fy form online. They will check the application details against the supporting documentary proof. They can witness the signing of documents as necessary.