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About Veri-fy®

Veri-fy® is an identity checking and document witnessing service provided by Veri-fy Identity  Limited.

The aim of Veri-fy® is to provide businesses with a quick, cost effective and easy to use deterrent to fight the ever increasing threat of identity fraud.

Often thought of as a victimless crime identity fraud is real and on the increase with high profile identity fraud cases including people losing their homes or life savings. Those who provide services at a distance are at particular risk as they cannot be certain that the person who signs a document is the person who should have.

Veri-fy® has been designed and developed by a management team with a depth of experience and knowledge in the legal and financial service sectors.


Helping you to develop your business

Our management team can show you how Veri-fy® both reduces risk and opens new markets by enabling you to do business at a distance.

For further details contact us on 08458 622 633 (Opt 4) or email at


Veri-fy Application Programming Interface.

It is possible to fully integrate the Veri-fy® system into your existing case, matter or employee management system. This is done through our Application Programming Interface (API).

You can get the Veri-fy® API here.

Any matters relating to the implementation of the API should be addressed to