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Veri-fy update

Veri-fy , the next generation service from Veri-fy is designed to work with Organisations submitting DBS disclosure applications both on paper and via E-bulk.

Instead of sending paper-based Veri-fy forms applicants are sent an http: link via an email or directed to a page on the Organisation's website.

Having filled in their DBS application either on line through an e-bulk integrated system or on paper, the applicant then completes the Veri-fy form online.

The applicant then chooses a person to confirm their identity from a list of approved by the Organisation.

The applicant's identity and address are verified as now. The person confirming these completes an online form accessed via the Veri-fy website.

A report is emailed to the Organisation. This includes details of the documents produced and a photograph of the applicant if requested.

Using Veri-fy enables

  • Organisations to reduce costs
  • Gives a choice of ID checkers to both the Organisation and applicant
  • Allows the applicant to pick convenient a time and place for their ID check to take place
  • Give an immediate report once the check has been completed


Use of Veri-fy with Ebulk applications


Use of Veri-fy with paper based DBS applications



Using Veri-fy cost no more than the existing Veri-fy service but saves postage costs and allows the applicant immediate access to the service.

For details of the Veri-fy process: Veri-fy Plus notes.pdf

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