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Veri-fy On-line to support the DBS (formerly CRB) process

Veri-fy has been designed to support the processing of DBS Disclosure applications. Using Veri-fy, an organisation can enable the documents required in support of the DBS Disclosure application to be verified remotely. Veri-fy forms are provided to the applicant via an online link, rather than using a paper Veri-fy form. An organisation can either:

  • send the applicant an email containing a link to a Veri-fy form

  • direct applicants to a link to a Veri-fy form found on a page on the Organisation's website

Having completed their DBS application form the applicant can then complete the Veri-fy form online, print out the instruction form and take it to the ID checker they have chosen from a  list agrred by the Organisation. There the applicant's identity is verified. The Veri-fy result is immediately emailed to the Organisation and the DBS application is then progressed.


Using the online Veri-fy form:

  • Costs no more than the paper-based Veri-fy service

  • Saves postage costs

  • Allows the applicant immediate access to the service

  • Avoids handwriting errors

  • Check for enclosures

  • Eliminates the same form being used twice


Online Veri-fy provide validation to ensure:

  • Algorithms are correct

  • Driving Licence number (when used) matches

  • Sex of applicant

  • Middle names

  • Date of birth documents are within date

  • Correct number of documents are included

  • Where requested, other items such as cheques and copies are enclosed

Veri-fy can act as your authorised agent under Section 7F of the Police Act 1997 (Criminal Records Registration) Regulations 2006 [2006 number 750]. Veri-fy has worked with the Disclosure And Barring Service to ensure that the system meets these regulations and all aspects of training and suitability required by the Regulations have been dealt with.


June 2013


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