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Frequently Asked Questions

17 Nov 2008

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions by new CRB users

Is Veri-fy a registered body with the CRB ?

No - Veri-fy is not a registered body nor an umberella organisation and Veri-fy is not in competition with such organisations

How does Veri-fy comply with the Criminal Records Bureau procedures?

By acting as you authorised agent for ID purposes - Veri-fy can act as your authorised agent under Section 7F of the Police Act 1997 (Criminal Records)Registration Regulations 2006 [2006 number 750]. Veri-fy has worked with the Criminal Records Bureau to ensure that the system meets these regulations and all aspects of training and suitability required by the Regulations have been dealt with.

How does the Veri-fy process work in relation to the CRB application form? - Veri-fy provides all the information for you to complete part X

Users of the Veri-fy/CRB service send a Veri-fy form with the CRB application form to the applicant for signature and attendance at the Post Office® with their forms of ID.

The applicant attends at the Post Office®, produces the ID and the Post Office® staff complete the Veri-fy form. The CRB application form is checked that it is signed in Part H and completed in black. If the form has not been completed properly in this regard, it will be returned to the applicant and they will be asked to complete another.

You will have provided the applicant with a return addressed envelope. The Post Office® staff will take the Veri-fy form and envelope from the applicant and ensure that these are sent to you and, subject to the correct postage being put on the envelope, the form should be back with you the following day. The applicant must not send any other documents in connection with their identity to you.

Once the form is returned to you, you transfer the information to Part X and/or continuation sheet. In paragraph X16 the Veri-fy form number in a numeric form is copied in and completed as usual and the CRB form is sent to the CRB for the Disclosure to be made

Which forms should be used? -CRB3 when Photo ID is being produced, CRB5 in all other cases