Disclosure Services Gen Intro

You have been asked by Disclosure Services Gen to use Veri-fy ® to confirm your identity.

 Please read these instructions carefully


To do this you will need to:

    1.    Complete online a Veri-fy® form
    2.    Make a note of the three access codes displayed once you have entered your details. These can be printed out or save as a pdf if you wish
    3.    Take the codes with the documents you have selected to one of  the professionals listed in Part B of the form
    4.    They  will verify your identity by completing an online form via our website
    5.    Your ID documents will be returned to you
    6.    There may be a charge for having you identity confirmed . You will have to pay this


On the instruction sheet a date shown by which you must have your identity confirmed. After that date  the data you have entered will be deleted from our system and you will have to start again


By proceeding with the Veri-fy process you are consenting to the information you  provide being shared with the organisation shown above for the purposes of a DBS application and with the ID checker who you choose to confirm your identity


Who can confirm your identity

A list of those people acceptable to  Disclosure Services Gen will appear below and on the instruction sheet when it is printed out

To complete your Veri-fy® form you will need to have in front of you:

Your passport - if you have one
Your UK photo-driving licence (full or provisional) - if you have one
If you cannot produce either of these please contact the organisation which has asked you to have your identity confirmed for an alternative form
Two of the following, one of which MUST confirm your current address.

You can only have your application checked by the following types of people.

You will have 14 days after submitting your details to have your application checked by a member of one of these groups.

You will be able to download a set of instructions to guide them through the process after you have submitted your details.

When you are ready to proceed click here