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You must present either two photo IDs and at least one other ID or one photo ID and at least two others.

Other ID Documents

You must present either two photo IDs and at least one other ID or one photo ID and at least two others.

* Must be less than 3 months old
** Issued in the last 12 months

I consent to the information I have provided being shared with the organisation shown above for the purposes of a DBS application and with the ID checker who I choose to confirm my identity.

Notes and Guidance

Privacy and protection of data is very important to everyone. Our commitment to protecting your rights and interests are reflected in our Privacy Policy. We have provided clarity on what data, if any, we hold, how we use, why we need it and who has access to it. Details of our Data Protection Officer are also included. To look at our Privacy Policy please click here

Photo ID

If you are unable to produce either a passport or photo-driving licence you will not be able use this service. You should contact the organisation that has asked you to do so and request an alternative form.

Northern Ireland Driving Licences

If you are intending to use a driving licence issued by DVLNI please ensureyou select Northern Ireland in answer to the question "Licence issued in"

Other ID documents

You will need to produce at least one document, which confirms your current home address. Please check the document you have chosen is not too old

Date of birth certificate

This is the date of issue NOT your date of birth

References on documents

Bank statements - the last four digits of the account number

Payslip - your employee number

Other bills the account number

Other Documents

You may have been asked to produce other documents to be checked. If you have please ensure you produce the correct document

Problems using Veri-fy

Should you have any difficulties using this service please do not hesitate to contact via  Veri-fy help