8430: Financial Conduct Authority

You have been asked by Financial Conduct Authority to use Veri-fy ® to confirm your identity.

**Please read these notes carefully before proceeding as they may be different from those you have been sent **


To do this you will need to:

  1. Complete online a Veri-fy® form and print it out
  2. Take the form together with the documents you have selected  to one of the professional listed in part B of the form
  3. They  will verify your identity by completing the Veri-fy® form a
  4. Please send both the Veri-fy form and DBS application form to the FCA
  5. Your ID documents will be returned to you
  6. There may be a charge for having you identity confirmed . You will have to pay this


Who can confirm your identity

The following people can be asked to confirm your identity:


Certified or Chartered Accountant


Director of a company registered in the UK **


Further or Higher Education Principal or Registry Staff

Local or County Councillor

Member of any UK Parliament or Assembly

Minister of Religion

Police Officer

Prison Governor

Regulated Person in  Financial Services Sector**


Please note those persons marked with ** must NOT be an owner, director or employee of the organisation with which you are involved.


To complete your Veri-fy® form you will need to have in front of you:

Your passport - if you have one

Your UK photo-driving licence (full or provisional) - if you have one

If you cannot produce either of these please contact the organisation which has asked you to have your identity confirmed for an alternative form

Two of the following, one of which MUST confirm your current address.

When you are ready to proceed click here